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Expert Water & Membrane Desalination and Filtration Plant Services

Consulting, Plant Design & Specifications Reviews, System Operation & Performance Monitoring, Evaluation, Optimization, Trouble-Shooting, and On-Site Diagnostic Membrane Autopsies & Fouling Management

MASAR Technologies, Inc., provides a range of specialized and expert consulting, on-site plant and project support services to membrane water desalination plants owners, operators consultants, and suppliers. These services include pretreatment and membrane system design, specifications reviews, plant operation and performance assessment & evaluation, monitoring, optimization, fouling management and cost analysis, trouble-shooting, including on-site diagnostic membrane autopsies and fouling evaluation, as well as system upgrade reviews, proposals and follow-ups. we will put our best effort forward based on our 35+ years of industry contributions, technology expertise and field experience gained from plants worldwide.

SWRO Plant Commissioning

today to learn how can we help you manage, optimize and resolve lingering technical issues at your water desalination, filtration & treatment plant using Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltratrion (UF) and Microfiltration (MF) membrane processes for drinking/potable, municipal, agricultural, industrial and ultra-pure water applications. plant or business.

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MAS Trouble-Shooting

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