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Consulting, Training, Innovative Technologies and Software Solutions

For Optimizing, Monitoring & Trouble-Shooting Membrane Desalination Plants RO, NF, UF & MF

MASAR Technologies, is a recognized international water desalination and membrane technology company providing expert consulting, training and plant services with over 29 years of field experience, technical expertise and industrial innovation.

Contact us today to learn how we can evaluate, optimize and protect your plant like never before.

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O&M Manuals & Multi-Media Training

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  New Technology

Innovative monitoring technology for optimizing your RO, NF, UF & MF desalination plant operation, performance and costs.

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  Plant Services

Consulting, plant operation & performance evaluation & trouble-shooting. O&M Mauals & Training.

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  Monitoring Software

Innovative, real-time monitoring software system licensing and services for RO/NF/UF/MF membrane water desalination plants.   Request FREE Trial

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  Training Services

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